Sean Hannity: Radical socialists have taken over the Democratic Party and Pelosi fears them

The 2020 presidential election is officially gearing up and the Democratic Party is imploding. Radical, extreme far-left socialists have now taken over. And any Democrat who doesn't fall in line and support this their left-wing vision will get thrown down to the curb by Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY.

All of America needs to see this group of hyper-partisan freshmen lawmakers. They are now leading the way, and they set the agenda. Nancy Pelosi is terrified of them.

The group is led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who, according to a report from The Washington Post, warned her fellow Democratic lawmakers not to vote with Republicans or she will put them on a list to be primaried in the next election. Welcome to Congress.


No surprise there. Political intimidation is always a key component of socialism. And AOC needs as much support as she can get for her insane Green New Deal, which promises to totally reshape America by putting an end to all fossil fuels, combustion engines, nuclear energy, airplanes, and yes, cows, because of flatulence and carbon dioxide.

It also promises to provide everything is free. You don't have to worry another day in your life. Free government healthy food, free day care for your kids, free housing, free college education. Forget about K-through- 12. Free universal health care ... free, free! You also get guaranteed vacations, universal guaranteed income and a guaranteed retirement -- even for people unwilling to work.


But like any other socialist, Ocasio-Cortez is really just interested in improving her own quality of life and redistributing the wealth among those in her own inner circle. According to a brand-new bombshell FEC complaint, Ocasio- Cortez's chief of staff is now accused of illegally moving nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions to his own private companies, and in doing so, shielding the cash from all election-related reporting. In other words, Ocasio-Cortez is under fire. Her chief of staff could have used those donations for anything without reporting it, including maybe big payments to themselves, their family, their friends.

We already know, based on a separate FEC complaint, that Ocasio-Cortez's boyfriend, was funneled thousands of dollars from a political action committee set up by this very same chief of staff. But really, who can blame him for taking the money? After all, it's incredibly expensive to keep up with the jet-setting lifestyle of the freshman socialist congresswoman.

On Monday, we first showed you how Ocasio-Cortez, who wants to ban all air travel, loves flying on airplanes between New York and D.C. Now, there's something called Amtrak that she could use instead. It goes pretty much every hour on the hour between D.C. and New York.

It is a very scary picture inside this new radical Democratic Party. And as the 2020 primary season kicks into high gear, it has become very clear that it will be a contest to see who can present the single most radical, most extreme, most socialist vision for America's future.

But she chooses not to do that. Ocasio-Cortez prefers the convenience of flying, especially since we, the American people, are picking up the bill.


AOC told us the world was going to end in 12 years if we didn't make all these drastic sacrifices and changes right now. But then, with socialists, it's always, 'Do as I say, not as I do.' That's why she has no problem taking planes over trains, why she prefers riding in a gas guzzler over public transportation. It's why Ocasio-Cortez probably doesn't want you to know that her very own mother left the great state of New York because of its incredibly high taxes. It's why Bernie and Hillary and Joe Biden and Al Gore all take private jets, and we catch them all the time. The hypocrisy is just rampant.

And keep in mind, socialism is only one component of this radical extreme Democratic socialist party and their agenda. In fact, many of the same far left lawmakers pushing socialist policies are also spreading vile, hateful, rabid anti-Semitic views all throughout the halls of Congress.

Look at Minnesota Congresswoman Illhan Omar, once again facing more backlash after yet another anti-Semitic comment on Twitter. First, she proclaims that Israel is evil and "hypnotizing the world," and then she suggested support for Israel was just because of Jewish money or, as she put it, "all about the Benjamins." And most recently, she pushed the longtime anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that her colleagues support Israel because they have a dual allegiance to the country.

Now, for the second time, the House of Representatives has been forced to consider passing a resolution reminding some Democrats that anti-Semitism is bad and will not be tolerated. Well, that's not stopping Congresswoman Cortez from defending her anti-Semitic colleague on Twitter writing, "We called resolutions on sexist statements, a good chunk of Congress will be gone. Jump to the nuclear option every single time? Leaves the room or some corrective action? I'm asking everybody that we practice calling in before calling out."

So, I guess this is sort of a socialist birds of a feather flocking together? Even when one of them is absolutely obsessed with hating the world's only Jewish state, our closest ally in the region, the only democracy in the region, Israel.

And meanwhile, far left anti-Semitic bigot and self-proclaimed women's rights leader, Linda Sarsour, is backing up her radical friends on Capitol Hill, slamming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to put forth a resolution against anti-Semitism. She called the speaker, " a typical white feminist upholding the patriarchy doing the work of power white men." Wow.

And you know what? Pelosi is afraid to take a stand because that freshman group, they can unseat her pretty quickly. It is a very scary picture inside this new radical Democratic Party. And as the 2020 primary season kicks into high gear, it has become very clear that it will be a contest to see who can present the single most radical, most extreme, most socialist vision for America's future.

Adapted from Sean Hannity's monologue from "Hannity" on March 5, 2019.