Obama Should Have Won Toastmaster Award Not Nobel Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has become a political tool, much like journalism's Pulitzer Prize. If a murderer like Yassir Arafat can win it, then anyone is a potential winner. President Obama is more qualified for the Toastmaster Award, a prize once (and maybe still) given to people for their speaking skills. President Obama hasn't brought peace anywhere. In fact, he is sowing the seeds for more war as America's enemies detect a weakening of American resolve.

Real peace is achieved when enemies of freedom are defeated. Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II have more legitimate claims to the prize than President Obama. Even Bill Clinton, who reaped the benefits of years of work to bring peace to Northern Ireland, as well as his commitment of troops to Bosnia to end sectarian strife, has a better claim to the prize than Obama.

Giving Obama this award is an attempt by the Nobel committee to keep him from committing the troops needed in Afghanistan to pacify the country and bring real peace.

The Nobel committee thinks peace means not fighting. In fact, genuine peace means being strong enough to vanquish enemies who would make war on free people.

Cal Thomas is a syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor.