MIRANDA DEVINE: Donald Trump’s lesson for Mitt Romney

Genteel Republicans like Mitt Romney complain about Donald Trump’s unpresidential behavior but how else does he combat the dirty left?

Only a barbarian could defy the liberal establishment as he has done.

Imagine if Romney were president, trying to be dignified and patrician. They’d eat him alive. Unless, of course, he did nothing to block their agenda, in which case he’d be left alone like all the other cowardly roll-over Republicans.


The American people chose a barbarian for president because they knew only a barbarian could drain the Washington swamp.

And, judging by the president’s unchanged approval ratings since House Democrats launched their impeachment inquiry, not to mention his record donation take off the back of it, Trump fans are with him for the long haul, no matter how boorishly he behaves.

They see him implementing his agenda against all odds. If the swamp gets in his way, Trump bulldozes over it. Supreme Court, tick. Taxes cut, tick. Regulations slashed, tick. Jobs up, tick. Military rebuilt, tick. ISIS stopped, tick. Globalism challenged, tick. Paris climate treaty scrapped, tick. Borders strengthened, tick. Wall built, half-tick.

All while the Washington establishment tries to sabotage his presidency and the liberal media reviles him.


He is Teflon Don, energized by a battle that would have broken a genteel Republican long ago.

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