ISIS threat: Americans are passengers on Titanic with Obama at helm

President Obama’s recent speech on how to defeat the terrorist group ISIS — as America faces the greatest threat in its history — represented “one small step for man” but no “giant leap for mankind” in attacking the source of the problem.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey were on the hot seat defending Obama’s ISIS game plan at a Sept. 16 hearing in the Senate. Their testimony suggested a disconnect between the White House and the Pentagon on the need for ground troops, the former having said no and the latter now saying maybe.

ISIS’ destruction may be Obama’s goal, but he still lacks a strategy. The Senate testimony did nothing to suggest otherwise.


Imagine if BP had focused only on the cleanup and not on the source of the leak after the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf. BP would still be cleaning up the environmental mess today.

Similarly, as ISIS takes a human toll in the Middle East, its destruction fails to focus on the source.

Listing ISIS’ barbaric acts — torture, rape, beheadings, etc. — Obama said the terrorist group is misguided and does not represent Islam.

But by seeking to detach ISIS from Islam, it is Obama who is misguided. Every barbaric act he mentioned is sanctioned by Islam and, in fact, has been committed by Muslims during their 1400-year history.

Ironically, while Muhammad’s violence targets Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims, Muslims have claimed most of their victims through “cannibalization.” They’ve been “eating their own,” with Muslim sects relegating other Muslim sects to non-Muslim status.

Obama fails to understand that a Muslim world united under a single global caliphate, whether it be ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran, etc., will fully project its violence against the Koran’s intended targets — non-Muslims — doing so not as a detached religion, but as Islam itself dictates.

The violence encountered by the West so far is but the tip of an Islamic iceberg. By failing to recognize this, we become passengers on an ill-fated Titanic, with Obama at the helm, refusing to warn us. Politically correct, as always, he misrepresents Islam and leaves us apathetic and in the dark, blind to Muslims’ plan to destroy Western democracies.

Violence against non-Muslims, mandated by the Koran, is perpetual — or until the caliphate’s establishment. A newly independent America quickly discovered this when it fought an unprovoked war with Islam’s Barbary pirates, who justified their violence under the Koran.

In modern times, we open our doors to Islam, failing to understand that it is an ideology still dedicated to America’s destruction. We naively do so because Muslims, as well as Obama, claim Islam is a religion of peace.

If we open our doors to Islam and allow its influence to grow, its dark side will be revealed; but, meanwhile, those trying to sound the ship’s alarm are labeled as Islamophobes.

We have ignored many warning signs of Islam’s evil intent to destroy the West “from within,” which was the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy over two decades ago:

• In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders repeatedly tries to educate us about Islam’s dark side — and his government calls him Islamophobic.

• In England, Brits watch Shariah evolve in parallel with their own legal system. They are only now awakening to the danger, and it may be too late to reverse it.

• In France, Muslims, using an undercurrent of anti-Semitism, encourage others to join them, successfully driving out Jews. Soon the Muslim focus will turn to the others, as well.

• In Germany, concerns arise about Shariah law encroachment, triggering a major confrontation yet to play out.

In a television interview last month, Anjem Choudary, a British-born convert to Islam who became an imam, gloated over the inroads Islam has made in England — and even supported ISIS’ brutality. Ironically, he spreads hate in Britain while he collects $43,000 in welfare — brazenly accepting it as England’s recognition of Islam’s superiority.

Choudary warns that Shariah is coming to America — a door now ajar.

Within Western democracies today, it is not ISIS that is the immediate threat. It is Islam’s dark side.

While naiveté opened doors for Islam’s Dr. Jekyll, the West now suffers the homicidal mania of Islam’s Mr. Hyde. Obama’s speech offers nothing to stop him.