Iraq Is Back for President Obama

Against all expectations, Iraq has been one of the lesser problems on President Obama's crowded plate. With American casualties and civilian deaths far below their peaks, Obama has been able to focus on fighting terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

But with American combat troops completing their withdrawal from Iraqi cities this week, that could change in a Mideast minute. Iraq could be back in the headlines as a major problem for the White House.

There are sharp spikes in violence -- a bomb killed at least 76 people in a Baghdad market last week-- and Iraqi and American military officials say there is a good chance violence will get worse when unproven Iraqi forces take responsibility for security in all cities. Under an agreement signed by President Bush, that handover is to be finished this Tuesday, June 30th.

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Michael Goodwin is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the New York Daily News and a FOX News Contributor.