If you can't trust a Clinton, how can you trust one of them to run the country?

With another shoe dropping in the Hillary Clinton scandal nearly every day, America is witnessing an unprecedented spectacle. Never in modern times has a presidential candidate been so tarnished — and yet also so popular.

Oops, there was one other time. Actually, two. Those were the times when Bill Clinton ran for president.

Like her husband, Hillary’s a human Rorschach test. He captured the White House twice without ever winning a majority of the popular vote, and polls paint an eerily similar challenge for her.

Once again, a Clinton running for president is loved for her politics and hated for her ethical depravity in nearly equal measure.

Half the country thinks she is fundamentally dishonest and untrustworthy. The other half is ready to make her president. One recent survey showed her beating each leading Republican rival head-to-head, but never getting to 50 percent.

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