Gretchen's Take: Jon Stewart gets real on 2016 media bias

Jon Stewart ... So glad you saw the real story on the way the press covers some political candidates! Certain political candidates - and even television news hosts - get portrayed in a not exactly fair way.

Thanks for asking if Senator Marco Rubio's four traffic tickets is front page news for the New York Times! And for stating that the paper was -- your quote: "treating inconsequential gossip like serious concerns." And as you found out, the standard pat response to this kind of coverage from the New York Times was this ... That "running for president opens every aspect of your life to public scrutiny." So does that mean running for president opens every aspect of every candidate's life to public scrutiny or just certain ones?

We learned about Marco Rubio's "handsome brick driveway" his "meticulously manicured shrubs" and oh ya -- his "oversize windows". Jon's right. Its not really front page news when we have ISIS, immigration, education and other real issues to deal with. Makes me feel kinda sad Jon's getting ready to end his show. Wish we could have had a real conversation before you left about "Getting Real".