Gretchen's Take: Find out what your state plans to do with Syrian refugees

You've now seen the approximate 30 states hesitant to allow any new Syrian refugees to cross their borders, but here are the states that have received the most Syrian immigrants since 2012.

California tops the list at 251 and will still allow them in. Texas is number two at 242 but now saying no. Michigan at 206 also now saying no, as well as Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Georgia who all let refugees in for the last 3 years. New York is at the bottom of the list but has has not yet said if they are in favor of taking more or not.

So which states have said hey will still welcome new refugees? At least 8.

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington.

Kentucky, Missouri and New Hampshire are the only states with democratic governors who've crossed over to join the other GOP run states to not want refugees to come in. My take? This should not be patisan. It should be 100 percent what's in the best interest of our country.