Greg Gutfeld: The Left doesn't care about free speech, it cares about control

The Left isn't happy sticking fingers in their own ears, they want to stick them in your ears, too

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The Facebook oversight board, extended the Trump ban from Facebook for six months.  I think we have a picture of the board. ((Picture of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers))

But really, their judgment to extend the ban was about as shocking as Kat’s inevitable annulment. All Facebook did was kick the can, known as Donald Trump, down the road.  It's like when Six Flags tells Chris Christie he’s not allowed back on the rides until those 37 funnel cakes are properly digested.  

But the way I see it -- anything that gets you off Facebook is a good thing. Seriously it's a bigger time waste than online porn - or so I’ve been told. I've never looked at porn in my life, and if I did it was for a few minutes at a time. But the response from the media has been joyful. For them it's a major feeling of relief, like President Biden after his fourth overnight pee. 

Clip of various media personalities: Jim Acosta: He’s sort of like a snake in search of a sewer these days and he just can’t find one // MSNBC clip: This guy has been a long time troll. // MSNBC guest: Deplatforming works. Trump is going to feel the pain from this and we’re going to hear a lot of screaming from conservatives that this is not fair. // Stephanie Ruhle: You didn’t think this was going to happen. Guest: Remember I said I wish I would be wrong? I don’t mind in this case.

It’s amazing how much they care about this. More so than any conservative screaming—we don’t really give a ****. And surprise, Dems don't think it's gone far enough. Facebook should permanently ban Trump they say. These guys are as predictable as Hillary’s wardrobe.

When the Dems come up against something they disagree with, the instinct always is to ban it. They’re not happy sticking their fingers in their own ears. They want to stick them in your ears, too. But for them to cheer this decision, they have to turn a blind eye to their own rotten past. 

First: let's talk about the big lie, as they call it. Interesting how that phrase keeps being repeated, as if they think saying it over and over will make it stick. Sorry kids - these a-holes are the same creeps who put America through the biggest scam ever: that Russians threw the 2016 election for Trump. This ongoing fraud lasted 4 years - that's like eight Kat marriages! Four years is an insane amount of time to keep up with a lie. Just ask Jussie Smollett. It seemed like only yesterday.

Clip of media personalities speaking of Russian interference: Don Lemon: Russia interfered in our election. // David Gregory: Russia interfered in our election. // Willie Geist: Russia interfered in our 2016 election. // Rachel Maddow: Russia interfered in our election. //  Brian Stelter: Russian interference in an election? Is this a crisis? Is this a national emergency

That went on longer than a Hunter Biden bender. And they're pissed at Trump for complaining for a few months? Who can forget all those idiots who still maintain that Stacey Abrams won her election? Like Elizabeth Warren, who disputed Abrams’ 2018 loss in a tweet from just two months ago. How is that good for our democracy? It almost as bad as feeding a fully wrapped burrito to a dog. 

Even as the debunking of the Russian scam became so easy a child could do it - they couldn't help themselves. Adam Schiff got more air time than the My Pillow guy. They pushed it, despite subverting our institutions, and creating a hostile atmosphere for Trump supporters. 

Which leads to the other part of this BS: that Trump should be banned cuz "the big lie" led to violence on January 6. If that’s the standard, every fricking person in the media should be banned. Especially after the last four years. Again - you want incitement? That was their daily exercise: branding you evil, so that target on your back got wider.

Clip of media personalities referencing Nazis and Hitler: Lawrence O’Donnell: Donald Trump has been embracing American Nazis every day of his political career. // Don Lemon: You voted for the person Nazis support. // Joe Reid: The racism. The cuddling Nazis.// David Gergen: It was bad enough Trump followed in the footsteps of Hitler. // Chris Matthews: Anything can make the Hitler connection. // Brian Williams: Is it fair to say there are Republican office holders with the kind of blood on their hands as we are discussing Nazis in 2018?  

You are discussing them. Why is it always Hitler and the Nazis with these bozos. Thankfully some have moved on.  

Kurt Bardella on "The ReidOut", May 5: I’ve been thinking to myself this whole time, you know, al Qaeda, Usama bin laden, the Taliban, the people who wanted to do harm to our nation and to our way of life and our democracy, they got nothing on what this Republican Party is doing.  

Yeah, who can forget Mike Pence yelling Allah Akbar at the inauguration?  By the way that guy was a former Lincoln Project advisor. Making him the last person to pass judgment on behavior. Perhaps he should have more concerned about the Lincoln Project’s "youth outreach program." They’re about as safe for young men as a sleepover at Kevin Spacey’s.

It says something that Joy Reid would have him on. Or maybe she just loves a good smear.

Clip of mother opposing critical race theory: Mother: Just because I do not want critical race theory taught to my children in school does not mean that I am a racist dammit. // Reid: (laughter) it actually does (smiles)

Joy brands her a racist - for simply being concerned about her kid being brainwashed at school. This is the same Joy Reid who claimed her homophobic blog posts were fake, then created by hackers - then caused by Russians, elves, and global warming. She’ll say anything to hoodwink her viewers - all sixteen hundred and nineteen of them. 

And let's not forget that most of the media dismissed or outright lied about the summer of violence, not only excusing it but energizing it. Chris Cuomo said, "Show me where protests are supposed to be peaceful." I guess he only read the first few words of the First Amendment before a fake weight fell on his head. Talk about a big lie.

As a crime wave sweeps the country, they pretend our biggest problem is white supremacy. Like a great magician they have you looking at the right hand, while the left hand is doing the dirty work. And don’t forget that while trump was actually doing things like blocking travel from China to prevent the COVID spread... All these turd swirlers were busy talking about impeachment, banning flavored vapes and outlawing plastic bags. By taking our eyes off the pandemic ball, they harmed more old people than slippery bath mats.


But the real story - the people who control most of the information -  now control all of it. I wonder how our angry white male feels.

Tom Shillue as Angry White Male: Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that if I say something Facebook doesn’t like they’ll ban me and then I won’t get those daily updates from friends and family about what they ate for breakfast or who they voted for? Deal!

So it's not about free speech.  It's about control. The intolerant left has the media. They got the entertainment industry. They got academia. Now they got big tech. But lucky for you - you still have me. And I got all my shots.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld's opening monologue on the May 6, 2021 edition of "Gutfeld!"