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Talk about a rough week. Terrorists attacked the Kabul airport, killing 13 U.S. service members. 10 Marines, two Army soldiers, and one Navy corpsman. At least 160 Afghans were killed.

The mayhem believed to have been carried out by the Islamic group, ISIS-K. The president tried to speak. Then Jen Psaki spoke. But somehow I don't feel comforted.

The president seemed defeated, lost between spasms of anger. Then followed instructions to use a list of reporters given to him by whoever is really in charge.

And Jen was just Jen, acting as though she was doing us a favor, instead of her job. A job I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Besides Perino already was press secretary.

I go back to one question: how could everyone but the people in charge not see this coming? Maybe they were so busy distracting us, that they got distracted while distracting us.

Look, I’m an English major, magazine editor turned class clown with an obsession over unicorns, and I could see this coming. Hell, the blind sheik could see this coming, after a conference call with Helen Keller. How could the people in charge not?

Perhaps they did and just assumed carnage was the price we pay. Or maybe they just underestimated the risk. Which boggles the mind. 

But again, I’m no expert. And yet, how do I know better? 

Going forward how can we have any confidence in our leaders? I wouldn’t let them lead my paintball team. They make the Bay of Pigs look well thought out. 

I mean who gives control of the airport perimeter to the Taliban, as well as info on Americans. Could we have made it any easier for these medieval maggots? 

They will say, "we had no choice." But since when has the military with the best weapons not had a choice? Instead, they led us to a place where there was no plan b. That's not leadership, that's resignation.

And where are the resignations? Where are the firings? Maybe General Milley should put down the Robin DiAngelo and pick up the "Art of War."

The upside - no more arguments over the meaning of the word "stranded." We've got a good visual of it at the podium yesterday. Biden is stranded. When really, it's on the Democrats and the media.

They only wanted Joe to win, not to govern. But now he has to lead and he can't. And don’t even think of impeachment. Who could replace him?

It's incredible: how the woke embrace has destroyed the Democratic Party. You can't lead a country you think is racist while obsessing over pronouns and crackpots in Viking hats.

So we ended up relying on the Taliban to keep us safe. That's like letting Charlie Manson babysit your kids. It reminds me of the Portland mayor, who decided to make peace with Antifa while shafting the police. We chose a regime that stones women to death for showing too much ankle - at the expense of the troops. 

So, why are so many smart people making bad decisions? Maybe they're not that smart. Or maybe politics polluted their decision-making driven by a still-fresh loathing of Trump or our country itself.

Having to get out by the end of August was a political choice. A self-induced deadline with the emphasis on dead.

Not providing adequate security - another political choice. We couldn't have that many troops there, right? That's bad optics they thought. Well, I got worse optics: a target with more sitting ducks than a decoy factory. 

Remember, how under Trump, it was a new crisis every day? Every hour - CNN told us the "walls were closing in." From the Steele dossier to the tax returns and every phony scandal in between.

Those scandals were the good old days. High caloric low nutrition outrage junk food. Compare and contrast to now. Kabul's the real deal. Real horror. Real scandal. A blind consensus of sheer incompetence.

So what do we do? I'm no military general, but again does it matter? We must take responsibility for our people over there. Get them all out. And obliterate those responsible for the bombings. And when we're done, we can decide what to do with Joe and the rest of that clown car.

Think about this: after committing 20 years to one effort, we accepted the very opposite of that effort, quickly and without looking back. Like a husband who tells his wife and kids that he’s going out for cigarettes only to never return. Leaving his loved ones vulnerable and unprotected. Someone should pay for that.


But in the meantime, I don’t want to hear s*** about January 6th, climate change, mask mandates or voter suppression, or whatever gassy stupid political theater you're trying to peddle -  until you figure out how to get us out of this mess. 

But maybe, asking them for help to get us out, is as stupid us relying on the Taliban for the same thing.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld's opening monologue on the August 27, 2021 edition of "Gutfeld!"