Goodwin: Mr. Trump, you've got to keep up your winning streak

Political consultants and campaign managers tell their candidates that they must win the news cycle to win the day. Do that more often than not and you have a good chance to win the election.

By that yardstick, President Trump is on a winning streak. He’s come out on top two weeks in a row.

Following his successful first foreign trip, Trump last week stayed true to a major campaign promise by withdrawing from the international climate accord. Almost as important as his Americans First logic — Pittsburgh vs Paris — was the fact that his White House was at its best in backing up the boss.

Able and knowledgeable surrogates, especially EPA chief Scott Pruitt, were ready to go from the start, and outside advocacy groups were teed up to offer instant supporting comments via email.

The solid performance stood in stark contrast to the way the White House fumbled the firing of former FBI boss James Comey. Then, caught off guard by the vehement blowback because it foolishly assumed Democrats would applaud the move, it spent most of the first 24 hours hunkering down during the barrage, trying to figure out what to say and do.

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