David Webb: Hey, Democrats and mainstream media, here's a tip: Americans don't like it when you nitpick

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, President Trump said, "We must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution, and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good.”

President Trump called for an end to revenge politics. And he also called for unity.

He extended olive branches to Democrats but I have a question -- are the modern-day Medici family a.k.a. Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and in part cowed by Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, AOC wing of the party ready to sheath their political knives and focus on governing in a divided federal government?


It's time for a "Reality Check."

Many Democrats in response to the State of the Union said that President Trump is out of touch with you around the country but a CBS poll says otherwise.

Seventy-six percent of viewers approved of what they heard in Trump's State of the Union speech and 72 percent say they approve of his ideas for immigration.

Even CNN's poll showed a positive response to the president’s speech…but the network’s political director David Chalian attempted to discredit their own poll numbers.

Take a look...

David Chalian: "This is our first look at a brand new instant poll but it is among speech watchers. So I just want to stress here that for a State of the Union address the president’s partisans, his supporters, tend to turn out to watch the speech. This is true of a president of either party. So tonight we saw a heavily Republican skewed audience turn out to watch the president’s speech, but look at this a very positive reaction from those who watched the speech tonight. But here's the row even this very favorable audience to Donald Trump does not believe his call for bipartisanship is going to meet with success. Take a look. Will Donald Trump increase bipartisan cooperation? A majority of speech watchers -- again a heavily Republican audience, 53 percent say no, 39 percent say yes."

Now for my part, I went back and looked at some of his old reporting on the Obama years…seems that it was slightly different. Notice the emphasis on the skew on the Republicans he’s right about how you often poll these things but this is how the approach is -- it is well misdirected.

Maybe he gets research tips from CNN legal analyst, Areva Martin. Yeah ... Me and my “white privilege” are going to own that one forever. Thanks, Areva.

The response from the Democrats and the mainstream media, however, is predictable.

But what about the media fact checkers?

They’re doing it in real time -- Even the DNC is texting in real time. They were quick to nitpick nearly everything the president said… and then they failed when confronted with the facts.

First NPR goes after President Trump for recognizing the record number of women in Congress today. So does it matter that he recognized women in Congress or should he separate Democrat women versus Republican women? Of course, the women in white tried to sell you a different narrative on the suffragettes. By the way suffragettes and the first suffragist, Henrietta Wells Livermore who is one of the founding members of the Women’s National Republican Club -- but I digress into the facts and history

Then Politico goes after him for rounding up two percent when talking about migrant women who are sexually assaulted while traveling to the United States.

Hey media, here’s a tip ... Americans don’t like it when you nitpick.

The media and Democrat resistance and revenge politics have fallen flat with reasonable Americans -- regardless of party.


So take the 30,000-foot view of D.C.: Democrats are losing wedge issues as Trump co-opts them with political pragmatism.

For Democrats, now comes the challenge of governing with Trump in the White House.

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Adapted from David Webb's "Reality Check" monologue on Fox Nation.