While Joe Biden was wrapping up his final year as Vice President, his son Hunter Biden was cooking crack and shooting porn ahead of the family’s most lucrative deal.

In part three of the Fox Nation special answering "Who is Hunter Biden?," Judge Jeanine Pirro examined how Hunter’s alleged sex and drug addictions and messy romantic relationships caused a PR storm for the Biden family ahead of a multimillion-dollar Chinese dealing and Joe’s eventual run for president.

"The question for Hunter Biden, who relied on leveraging his father's positions, was how would he fund his family obligations, high-flying lifestyle, and relentless addiction?" Pirro posed in the third episode.

"He spent extravagantly on strip clubs, adult video sites and prostitutes," she continued. "Like a low-rent porn star, he frequently filmed his wild sex life and uploaded the footage to his Pornhub account."


In October 2016, Hunter resolved to fly to Arizona for rehab. But after missing four flights, he decided to drive — though he almost didn’t live to tell about it.

"I nodded off behind the wheel," Hunter wrote in his memoir. "Waking up an instant later, I found myself in mid-air, the car having jumped a soft curve on the passing lane and soaring at 80 miles an hour into a cloudless blue sky, heading into the gulch that divided I-10."

Rattled by the event, Hunter summoned his brother Beau’s widow, Hallie, for comfort. He tried keeping their intimate relationship out of the tabloids, but the New York Post ran the story about the "Biden Family Affair." Their romance reportedly consisted of taking drugs, filming themselves having sex, and posting the videos to Hunter’s online porn account.

"Hunter would film their sex sessions and upload them to amateur porn sites, such as Pornhub, and give them titles such as ‘Lonely Widow,’" Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist Miranda Devine said in the episode. "There was a lot of love and, I guess, passion, and lust there, as well, that they talked about - but it really was disastrous for everybody involved."

In time, the relationship grew ugly – as the episode explores, Hallie insisted on therapy, and Hunter wrote that she told him Beau didn't think highly of him and laughed behind his back. And while his private life was running wild, Hunter’s bank account was running low.

According to contents on Hunter’s infamous laptop, he and his father were developing an ownership stake in a Chinese entity called CEFC. Under the deal, Hunter would get $850,000, but that was not enough. Eventually, for introductions alone, the Chinese would pay him $10 million per year for a minimum of three years and a three-carat diamond ring to boot.

But when the FBI charged a senior official at CEFC for bribery in late 2017, Hunter’s payday vanished, and his personal life would get further complicated.


The episode reveals that Hunter, while living with Hallie, started a sexual relationship with her sister and also became involved with a stripper named "Dallas," with whom he fathered a child in August 2018.

During a bender at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Hunter learned how to cook crack himself and topped his $65,000 credit limit, apparently paying for an escort with his father’s card.

"Hunter is this barely functional human who's got this roaring crack addiction and roaring sex addiction," Judge Jeanine said. "It's just a very bizarre scenario, considering that you have to juxtapose that against the really high-level dangerous business that he was involved in."

Around this time, Hunter reportedly recorded a rambling poem in which he seems to fantasize about scuttling his father's White House ambitions.

"Joe Biden could count on the support of the media and other members of the establishment for his run for president," Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway pointed out, "but Hunter Biden was a huge problem."

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