Why mosquitoes bite some more than others

Does it seem like you're a mosquito magnet? A new report says some of us are bitten more than others for several different reasons.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, about 20 percent of us are more appealing than others to the insects. The reasons? They include:

1. Alcohol -- just one bottle of beer can increase your appeal to the nasty bugs.

2. Pregnancy -- as if pregnant women don't have enough to worry about, they get bitten about twice as much as the rest of us. The body temperature of pregnant women is a degree warmer than everyone else, and they exhale 21 percent more carbon dioxide.

3. Bloody type -- Type O blood types are bitten twice as much as Type A. Type B is somewhere in the middle.

4. Exercise -- Working out builds up lactic acid in your sweat, making you a little more tasty.

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