Halloween is almost here – which means picking out a costume for parties. But did you know that your costume choice says a lot about you?

Dr. Scott Bea, psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic, said our real personalities can shine through when we dress up.

“As human beings we’re often inhibited if people can recognize us or know who you are,” he said. “If we put on a mask or an outfit, all of a sudden we can be somebody else and the range of our behavior gets to expand and we have a little bit more fun.”

Bea said if you dress like a celebrity, it may be because you like to have a sense of power or popularity. For those who choose a sexy costume, it could be that you want to show a side of yourself you normally repress.

Scary characters like frightening clowns or monsters give people a chance to safely express their dark side – without feeling guilty or embarrassed.

When it comes to dressing like comic books and cartoon characters, Bea said they represent a playful attitude, even for people who typically have a serious nature.

But in the end, Bea said the important thing about picking out a costume is making sure it is something you will have fun wearing.

“They say we can only let about 20 percent of our real personality leak out in our workplace. When you’re being a parent you have to conform to a certain set of standards, but on Halloween we get to play a little bit, so we can expand the range of who we are in a real pleasant and fun way,” he said.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend nearly 7.4 billion dollars on Halloween costumes, decorations, candy.