Surgery Gives Woman Eyesight Back After 8 Years

A Tampa Bay-area woman who was legally blind for eight years can finally see again, thanks to two doctors who took a chance on her and performed a complicated surgery, myFoxTampaBay reported.

Mara Candedario had glaucoma, which meant increasing fluid built up pressure inside her eye and the optic nerve was eventually damaged, leading to blindness in that eye.

Drs. Bernard and Don Perez at the International Eye Center of Tampa agreed to remove Candedario’s damaged lens, and replace it with a prosthetic one, so she could see light. The odds of the surgery being successful were 1 in 100.

Candedario was able to see her husband for the first time after the surgery.

“He walks up, and I see her turn to this man walking towards her,” said Dr. Bernard Perez. “And in Spanish, I asked her, ‘Do you recognize this man?’ And she goes, ‘That’s my husband.’” 

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