Sports Star Pulls Wisdom Teeth to Solve Hamstring Problems

An Australian rugby union star is contemplating having his wisdom teeth removed to solve persistent hamstring injuries, The Australian reported Thursday.

Rod Davies, who plays for the Queensland Reds in the Super 14 competition, said he had turned to his teeth after trying a multitude of other potential cures for his fitness problems.

"I've tried just about every cure going," he said. "But a physio told me that in France, if any of the faster guys in football have recurring lower limb injuries, they look at whether they also have dental problems.

"My wisdom teeth have been playing up a lot lately."

There is a method behind the apparent madness, with the theory being that a player with painful wisdom teeth can experience posture problems by holding his head at an awkward angle to compensate.

This places unnatural pressure on the spine that in turn sends pain shooting down the hamstrings.

Italian soccer giant AC Milan last year baulked on taking on French left-back Aly Cissokho because its team doctors found problems with his teeth which they believed could trigger muscular trouble.

Davies tore his hamstring after scoring a try for the Reds in May. He then tore it again while training with the University club in Brisbane on the weekend.

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