Pregnancy From Oral Sex - Is It Even Possible?

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This has been a week for strange pregnancies. First we reported on a9-year-old from China who gave birth.

I tell you, I respect the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, but this must have been some super sperm. We all know that sperm can survive for up to 72 hours after intercourse, but clearly the mechanics of how this girl could have possibly gotten pregnant just doesn't hold water with me.

First, the acidity of the stomach would have almost created an environment that is not consistent with keeping the sperm alive. Second, the anatomy of the stomach in relation to where the fallopian tubes are makes it almost impossible for the sperm to make it to have a normal pregnancy.

If the case had been where the patient had an abdominal pregnancy, rather than an intrauteral pregnancy, I may have concluded that even though it was still highly unlikely, there would be a small possibility that this could happen. But I think that in its current presentation, this case with all of its coincidence, still leaves me wondering whether it is true or not.

However, it makes for interesting reading and lively conversation. As a health warning, I always talk about oral sex, especially with teenagers, and warn against the possible effects of the human papilloma virus entering into the throat region, which has been linked to many lesions including cancer.

But I still believe you can't get pregnant through oral sex.