'Pink Slime' in 70 Percent of Ground Beef, Report Says

There's growing concern over "pink slime" being added to ground beef.

Researchers say that 70 percent of ground beef found in supermarkets contains the cheap filler.

A former U.S. Department of Agriculture Scientist says it’s made up of the remnants of a cow carcass once all the muscular cuts of meat have been removed.

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Pink slime is a mix of ground-up connective tissue and beef scraps that are normally meant for dog food.

It is sprayed with ammonia so it is safe to eat.

However, you won't find 'pink slime' on the label.

USDA officials consider it to be meat.

It's reportedly makes up 25-percent of hamburger patties and the "The Daily" reports that 7 million pounds of it will be served in school lunches this spring.

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