In your quest to be a Better Man, you are someone always striving for what is best. Whether it is for you or your family, working up the mountain is no easy task and, along the way, you’ll come across contacts that will support and lend advice to ensure the path you have chosen is the one you need to face. And over time, you’ll often find that for every good man exists a better woman behind him.

The significance of having a strong, competent and nurturing woman cannot be overstated. That’s not to say that all situations call for a partner, but it is certainly more enjoyable swinging the tennis racket with someone good -- especially since the excellent players force you to evolve your game.

She Can Push You Harder

Having a good woman behind you lets you realize your skill set, and more importantly, she doesn't let you settle for less. Though some might call this "nagging," understand that it is the woman herself who feels fulfilled when you’re doing your life's work. When you’re behind the wheel -- with a sense of apathy -- your enthusiasm will rub off. She will only regret what you aren’t doing.

Your partner knows what you should be doing. She won't allow for the second-rate version of you, so be thankful someone like that exists in your life.

The Encouragement of Something New

There is nothing more motivating than a beautiful woman. Along with the new nerves you have around her, you will find yourself inside a positive pull. Have a few extra pounds you should have shed months ago? Have a few pages you need to write for that book that has been on hold?
What better way to use the positive energy that you have now than by redirecting that vitality toward a goal -- a purpose. Use the energy in a positive way, and the radiance that you carry will strike all kinds of good vibes with her. Positivity is contagious, so don't be surprised if various people take a liking to your new attitude.

Pushing Yourself Physically

You've landed the woman of your dreams. She supports your wishes, causes and beliefs. Oh, and she is a 10 knockout. As other dudes ogle and stare at your prize, you feel a little abet to do some harm.

But instead, see this as an opportunity to get into the gym and mold yourself into someone you want to be. You and your partner will both benefit from your work to better yourself physically. You’ll reap the rewards. And who knows, they might even be ogling you.


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The Growth Period

In life, if you’re not growing, then consider yourself dead. Stagnant. Your work hour might end at 5 p.m., but being a Better Man is an around-the-clock ordeal.

Find a great partner. If you have her, keep her, because the time you have with her is an opportunity for growth. You’ll realize new things in life that you may have not have grasped before. If it causes suffering, consider it yet another opportunity to grow. What you learn now can help you in your next relationship, should it come to it. You might be able to hide from suffering, but there is no substitute for growth.

The Final Word

Every king has a queen.