A nurse can now mark labor and delivery experience down on her resume after she delivered her own baby in her car outside of the hospital that she works in. The saga began when Katie Michael and her husband, George, got stuck in traffic on their way to Pinnacle Health in Harrisburg, Pa., on Friday, Fox 43 reported.

“It was about 25-30 minutes after my water broke that she decided she wanted to be here,” Katie Michael told the news outlet. “I knew she was going to be born in the car because she started coming out.”

Sure enough baby Ella Katherine couldn’t wait for her parents to get situated, and made her entrance at 5:25 p.m., as dad George was frantically searching for help inside the hospital.


“I didn’t know what was actually happening,” George told Fox 43. “Usually, you have a baby in a hospital, not in the car.”

Ella was born weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces and both she and Katie are doing well.

“I do a lot of the units in the hospital but L&D (labor and deliver) is not one of them. We’re joking that I can add L&D now because I was my own L&D nurse,” Katie said.

In addition to Katie and George, Ella joins an older brother.