Never take another trip to the pharmacy again

Trips to the pharmacy can be a hassle. Long lines, refill problems, and insurance issues can turn a quick errand into a headache. But now, there's a new online tool to help.

PillPack is an online pharmacy that manages your prescriptions for you.

According to their website, PillPack can transfer and confirm medications, contact your doctor for refills and ship your prescriptions for free.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, 28-year old TJ Parker, said he wanted to change a complicated and confusing system.

“What was needed was a totally reinvented pharmacy focused on making life easier for the 1 in 10 Americans who take 5 or more medications daily,” Parker told

Here's how it works:

Every two weeks, a small dispenser box with personalized packets of medications is delivered. Each packet’s label indicates which medication is inside, and the time and date it should be taken. Other medications like inhalers or liquids can also be included in the delivery box.

The company also stands by their automated dispensing network to fill personalized packages for each customer. Each medication is sorted and sent through an image recognition system to make sure the right pills are in the right packet.

Other than your monthly co-pays, there are no shipping, handling or extra fees to switch to pill pack.

Parker said it was equally important that the company offer a 100 percent on-time guarantee.

“We always ship medications roughly 7 days before they are needed and automatically track all of the packages,” Parker said. “We have alerts in place that would proactively notify us of any delays to the shipment---if there is ever a delay that would impact a customer negatively, we have sufficient time to fix the problem, and can always overnight new medications if something truly goes awry.”

An online dashboard is also available to monitor shipments, add over-the-counter medications and keep track of bills and how much your insurance company is contributing.

The PillPack service accepts most drug insurance policies-- including some Medicare plans.

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