Hungary identifies anthrax infection; sheep farm quarantined

An infection of the deadly anthrax disease has been identified in sheep at a farm in Jaszladany, a village 120 kilometers east of Budapest, the agriculture ministry said on Monday.

Authorities found last week that one sheep in a herd of 210 heads died of anthrax, a disease which can spread to humans. The farm was placed under quarantine, the ministry said in a statement.

"Humans have not got the disease yet so we don't have that problem," said Endre Kardevan, Secretary of State in the ministry, in a video published on the government's website.

"We have controlled the situation," he added. "We have surveyed the full livestock of the village and vaccination has started."

The ministry said the disease would not spread to humans. It said several sheep died on the farm, and their owner buried them under a thin, 40-centimeter layer of earth.

The authorities are now disinfecting the corpses and dung, and visited every house in the village to warn residents of the infection that can spread via infected meat.