Once again, no chemo last week.  My white count was stubborn and did not rise high enough. I wanted to take the marrow-squeezing shot of Neulasta last week, but that would have required waiting an additional two full weeks for chemo.  I opted to take my chances and hope my white count is up to 1.5 today.  Two weeks ago, my white count was .24, last week it was 0.9 (the reason I was denied my treatment).  Your white count must be at least at 1.5 in order for your body to handle the toxicity of chemo.

If an unthinking doctor had administered chemo to me in the past two weeks, my life would have been in jeopardy.  I can not stress enough the importance of the doctor you choose. I know not everyone has access to a major city or top university medical center, but if I had to, I would drive for hours, or go to whatever lengths necessary in order to be treated by the best physicians.

Still, I am concerned about having missed these last two chemo treatments. I will discuss it with Dr. Glaspy, but every fiber within me says I need to blast the tumors every week to beat them down.

Another of my sisters is in town to take care of me.  Incredibly, all five of my sisters have taken a week or more off from work and their busy lives to be with me, doing everything they can to make me more comfortable.  My love and thanks to Colleen, Cooper, Laura, Lucy and Bridget.  Special kudos to my loving brother Patrick, who often stops by on his way home from the office (he works on The Jimmy Kimmel Show) to bring me a shot of wheat grass.  It is truly amazing how blessed I am to be born into such a loving family!

My energy level is fairly good, as I have not had chemo for two weeks.  My sister and I have been enjoying exercising together.  Working out feels so so good, but three hours afterward, I am completely wiped-out.  Even when I adjust and do less physically, I am still exhausted.  Chemotherapy is truly a poisonous potion.

Yet, I pray I will be allowed to have my treatment administered today.  I need four chemos  "under my belt" in order to schedule my liver scan which will determine the effectiveness of the chemotherapy

Thank you for your encouraging e-mails. I read every one and am grateful for all your good wishes. I remain as determined as ever to beat this cancer down!