Find your ideal exercise partner with a click

If you are looking for the ideal workout partners and trainers a website called WellSquad says it can help.

Similar to a dating app, WellSquad’s algorithms scan each user’s profile and matches them to other people who are looking to get in shape. Through a variety of questions, the site makes it possible for users to describe both themselves and what they are looking for in a workout partner. Questions, including whether you’re looking for someone more experienced or less experienced, or an introvert versus and extrovert, are designed with the hopes that your potential fitness partners, who are called a “squad,” can help keep you motived and on track.

Once your squad is formed, the app filters through its database of professional fitness trainers, or “Squad Leaders.” Based on your group’s goals, a few options of Squad Leaders are provided to you and as a group you decide on one that that best fits your needs. The Leader’s responsibility is to design a broad workout regimen for the squad that is later refined based on each user’s specific needs. Additionally, the Squad Leader offers tips, motivation and even nutritional advice.

WellSquad is costs between $40 and $100 a month depending on which Squad Leader you chose. For more information click here.