Eliminate toxins causing skin conditions and enjoy your summer

In the last few weeks, TV programs and magazines have been flooded with articles about how to lose weight or trim down for summer. As women, we always want to look our best, and these articles are intended to help us look great in our sundresses, shorts and bathing suits for summer.

I think there is another topic to help prepare us for looking and feeling our best, and that is healthy glowing skin.

For those of us that have skin conditions, weather that promotes and shows it off can be an embarrassing and shame-filled time.

It is personal, because every woman wants to look beautiful and skin conditions interrupt the natural beauty and softness of the face and body.

Many of my patients that have come in with skin conditions feel self-conscious and try to cover up the body parts that are affected. If the condition is visible on a patient's face, she may not feel attractive at all, or it can affect her self-image.

Some of the most common conditions I see are acne, rashes, roseacea, cystic acne, eczema, or psoriasis. Most skin conditions show up as a rash or an abnormal change in skin color or texture caused by inflammation of some kind.
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One of the causes of skin rashes or skin conditions arise because the body is not eliminating toxins appropriately. In the most basic terms, the skin is one of the organ’s of elimination.

One of its jobs is to get rid of waste products of the body. The main organs of elimination are the lungs, liver, small and large intestine, the kidneys and bladder.

If the main organs of elimination are not working effectively then the skin will step in to help. The skin then tries to help eliminate the toxins by allowing the toxins to come out through as skin rashes or skin conditions.

Many of these conditions can be improved by a combination of treatments.

You can try to identify triggers that make them worse, and avoid them. You can reduce stress. You can make sure you are eliminating toxins effectively from your body and you can maintain proper nutrition.

If you are experiencing a severe case you need to seek treatment from a health care professional or a specialist like a dermatologist.

However the treatments above can be used in combination with other treatments to help your skin heal more quickly.

So during this summer season when we are showing our skin and our bodies, consider making some behavioral changes that can improve your skin condition too.

You will find that your feel more confident, you look great and many of the treatments can help you shed a few pounds too!