Dentures stuck in woman’s throat for 9 weeks

A U.K. woman had dentures stuck in her throat for nine weeks – and doctors couldn’t figure out the cause of her discomfort, BBC News reported.

Nermin Keating, 75, who lives with her daughter in Braintree, Essex, swallowed the false teeth in November. Keating, who lives with her daughter, Umit Maddock, saw doctors on four different occasions before the dentures were discovered.

Doctors told Maddock that her mother, who has Parkinson’s disease, had a lung infection, and she was subsequently treated with antibiotics.

Maddock said she mentioned the false teeth were missing, but doctors didn’t think it was possible for a person to swallow them.

When Keating didn’t get better on antibiotics, Maddock brought her back to the doctor’s office – but they kept giving her more antibiotics.

Finally, when Keating started making funny noises, like she was choking, Maddock brought her to her own doctor, who discovered the dentures lodged in Keating’s throat.

Doctors used forceps to remove the dentures, and Keating was put on a liquid diet. She is feeling “much happier,” BBC News reported.

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