Bullied teen receives free nose job from New York City nonprofit

After being bullied about her nose for years, one South Carolina teenager got a nose job – for free.

Fifteen-year-old Renata got her new nose from the Little Baby Face Foundation, a New York City nonprofit that offers free plastic surgery to low-income children with facial deformities, Time reported.  Her story, along with those of other teenagers who turned to plastic surgery, was detailed in Dateline NBC’s Little Baby Faces report.

According to Renata, she was teased so much that she has been home-schooled for the past three years.  She said that her peers used to refer to her as “that girl with the big nose.”

Renata and her mother wrote to Little Baby Face looking for help.  The foundation offered her the surgery when director Dr. Thomas Romo diagnosed Renata with hemi-facial microsomia, meaning her nose leaned to one side.  Along with the nose job, Romo also performed a chin job to help “balance out her face.”

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