Aspiring paralympian asks docs to amputate her damaged foot

After a congenital disorder left her right leg useless, a British teen opted to have it removed. Now she wants to have part of her other leg removed to achieve her goal of competing in top-level Paralympic events, reported the Daily Express.

Danielle Bradshaw, 15, was born with developmental dysplasia of both hips and a dislocated right knee. Her hips would frequently dislocate and her right leg was unstable. As a child, she underwent more than 12 surgeries in an attempt to improve her quality of life, but she was still reliant on a wheelchair.

At age 11, Bradshaw asked doctors to remove her crippled right leg so she could enjoy sports for the first time. She was fitted with a prosthetic limb and started sprinting with running blade. She began competing, picking up gold and silver England Athletic Championships medals, and now wants to compete at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016.

Unfortunately, the strain on her left leg is causing her constant pain and slowing her down.

“We always thought the good leg was good and that was it, but in the last two years it’s taken a lot of strain,” her stepfather, Darren Quigley, told the Daily Express.

Bradshaw believes she needs to have her left foot— which has deformed toes and severe tendon damage— amputated to compete at a higher level. Her family hopes her doctor and the hospital will make a decision about the amputation by next month.

"I'm not hoping for the operation, I just want to get better like anyone else would want,” Bradshaw said. “I'll take anything to fix it, though. Nothing will stop me doing my sport.”

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