5 cholesterol-fighting foods

Build these into your diet and watch your "bad" cholesterol crumble.

Lean Beef

Yes, it’s true: Even beef can give bad cholesterol a gut-punch, says a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Study participants ate portions of 4.0 and 5.4 ounces of lean beef daily, and saw decreases in “bad” LDL cholesterol of up to 10 percent when combined with a healthy diet.

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Soy Protein

Toss some chickpeas on that chicken salad. A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology found that soy protein is more effective than milk protein at lowering non-HDL cholesterol.

The TRUTH About Protein


Just a handful of almonds not only lowers your cholesterol, it also provides a whopping dose of Vitamin E, according to a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. That’s good news: The average guy gets only about half of his required intake per day, said the National Academy of Sciences.

Fuel Your Muscles!


Pistachios not only wreak havoc on your LDL, they also supply much-needed antioxidants that you’d normally get from vegetables and brightly-colored fruits, according to researchers at Penn State. Benefits like those are among the reasons we included them in our Men’s Health Nut Mix.

Tomato Juice

It took people just one glass of tomato juice and 2 tablespoons of ketchup every day for 3 weeks to cut LDL levels by an average of 8.5 percent, according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition.

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