18-year-old facing partial leg amputation after surgery for ingrown toenail

An 18-year-old woman on track to become one of England’s best in karate had to put her dreams on hold after surgery for an ingrown toenail caused a rare disease that may force her to have her leg amputated. Hannah Moore, of Stalbridge in Dorset, told Western Daily Press that she believes amputation will be the only way for her to get her life back.

Moore, a black belt in Washinkai karate, underwent surgery two years ago to address the problem with a toenail on her right foot. She then developed a condition called complex regional pain syndrome that requires her to take 40 pills per day, Western Daily Press reported.

“I had never heard of this syndrome before I got it but it can affect anyone,” Moore told the news site.

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“I try to put a good face on things but the pain is so bad I have to take about 40 pills a day. It does get me down and sometimes I have a cry about it as I wonder if I will ever get over it,” she said.

Moore goes to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for treatment and monitoring once a week, which requires general anesthetic. She now relies on a wheelchair and has taken her love for karate to new heights by training to become a wheelchair athlete, Western Daily Press reported.

More told the news site she believes amputation is the only way to relieve her pain, and found a surgeon willing to perform the procedure.