10 Nightly Rituals That Improve Your Appearance

There's no bad time to get into habits that will help you become a better version of yourself. Here we present a rundown of the top 10 rituals to make part of your routine at night so you can be sure to look your absolute best.

1. Change your sheets
Regularly rotating your sheets is essential for better-looking skin. Dirt and debris accumulate in bedding, so slip on fresh sheets and pillowcases once a week to help clear up the skin on your face as well as other parts of your body, like your back.

2. Lay out your clothes
Before hitting the hay, if you take a few minutes to choose the clothes you plan to wear the next day, you'll cut down on the time you spend frantically running around in the morning because you'll always have a freshly ironed shirt, and you'll never have to waste time searching for matching socks. The result is that you'll arrive at the office looking rested rather than frazzled. What's more, because you know everything you're wearing goes together, you'll come off as professional and confident.

3. Tweeze unwanted hair
Getting rid of unwanted hair between your eyebrows, taming bushy brows and plucking unruly nose or ear hairs are all jobs better tackled at night, particularly if you have sensitive skin. As tweezing can lead to redness, performing this grooming operation at night means that any irritation that develops has eight hours to subside, so your handiwork won't be obvious to others.

4.  Soften lips
Get kissable soft lips while you sleep in two quick steps: Begin by exfoliating your lips when brushing your teeth. While it may sound complicated, exfoliating your kisser simply involves running your toothbrush lightly back and forth across your upper and lower lips a few times. This technique is extremely effective for getting rid of any dry, flaky skin and takes mere seconds. After brushing your teeth, apply a softening lip balm, and you'll wake up in the morning with noticeably nicer lips.

5. Stretch
Doing some gentle stretching before bed will lengthen your muscles and, within a few weeks, you'll have a leaner, more toned appearance in addition to being more limber. Additionally, light stretching will help you relax, meaning you'll sleep better and appear more relaxed in the morning. You don't have to do hours of yoga or contort your body into awkward poses to reap these benefits. Just stick with simple stretches.


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6. Floss
Brushing your teeth is a no-brainer, but as you age, flossing becomes increasingly important for maintaining fresh breath and healthy gums. Plus, you can also lighten the spaces in between your teeth while you floss if you pick up a brand that boasts whitening properties.

7. Unplug
An hour or two before bed, turn off your computer, laptop, iPad, television, and gaming system. Some studies suggest that the energy emitted from these devices may interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone critical to your sleep-wake cycle. Obviously, the ensuing difficulties you may have falling asleep or staying asleep will affect your appearance, both in the short term and over time. To enable your body to do what it's supposed to and rejuvenate while you sleep, switch your electronics off and pick up a book instead to bring on drowsiness.

8. Swap stimulants for decaf tea
Drinking caffeine, in the form of coffee, energy drinks, or soda, or consuming more than a couple of alcoholic beverages in the evening, will keep you awake, so you lose out on restorative sleep time. These beverages are also dehydrating, which increases the appearance of wrinkles because they dry out your skin. For younger-looking skin, switch to decaf tea if you crave a hot drink or plain-old ice water for a cold one instead before turning in for the night.

9. Cleanse your face
Just like you would in the morning, use a mild facial cleanser at night for brighter skin. Look for one with a 2 percent salicylic acid concentration in order to wipe away traces of your day, like dirt and sweat, which can clog pores and lead to zits.

10. Apply an anti-aging moisturizer and eye cream
Many anti-aging products are best applied at night rather than in the day, as they can contain active ingredients that don't interact well with sunlight. For a nighttime moisturizer that can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give you smoother skin, look for one that contains retinol, one of the only scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients. Recent studies have found that even moisturizers that contain very low doses of retinol, such as the products you can find in your local drugstore, have beneficial effects in terms of reducing signs of aging. For a super-strong dose, you'll need to consult a dermatologist. Don't forget to layer an eye cream on top of your moisturizer. The skin around the eye area is so delicate that it needs extra protection and hydration.