X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger's Fleet Pulled Over by Mexican Cops

Clarification: Due to an error in another publication's story, an earlier version of this article incorrectly described the encounter between Mexican police and a car in Scherzinger's entourage.

Nicole Scherzinger's fleet of vehicles was pulled over by armed Mexican police when the X Factor judge went south of the border to shoot the music video for her new single “Try With Me.”

The Mexican authorities who pulled over the fleet were apparently packing major heat.

“We were held at gunpoint,” choreographer Brian Friedman told Star magazine. “People next to our cars…there were M16s and Berettas!"

A rep for Friedman said the magazine misunderstood the gist of what he was saying.

"It was just taken out of context when he was...like...joking around," she said.

The same rep said vehicles were pulled over for a routine checkpoint.

"They just got pulled over for no reason, to tell you the truth," the rep said.

It was unclear how long the encounter lasted, but none of the vehicles were cited and were allowed to leave shortly thereafter, the rep said.

“Nicole cursed me with this trip,” Friedman added, according to Star. “It was the craziest adventure ever!”

Earlier reports claimed the entourage were held at gunpoint, but the rep flatly denied it.

Scherzinger made it back in time for The X Factor semi-finals eliminations Thursday night.

Scherzinger made headlines after purposely throwing last week’s X Factor vote, resulting in the elimination of fan favorite Rachel Crow.

On Thursday night's show,  Marcus Canty, 20, was sent home and Scherzinger premiered her other new single, “Pretty.” The former Pussy Cat Dolls singer gave an emotional performance that had the audience and judges cheering her on.

Florence + The Machine also graced the X Factor stage. The Indie pop band premiered their latest song “Spectrum” off their new album “Ceremonials.”

With Canty eliminated from the competition, the remaining contestants Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik have moved on to the finals airing next Wednesday.

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