Grit, athleticism, and a whole lot of camaraderie make Team Cunningham a highly-talented and entertaining four-man bobsled team to keep an eye on at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

"You need to have a guy that is fast, powerful, strong, and a little bit crazy to be a part of this sport," veteran bobsledder Nick Cunningham told Fox News.

The 2018 Olympics mark Cunningham’s third time competing as an Olympian bobsledder. Cunningham joins Codie Bascue and Justin Olsen as one of the pilots to the three Team USA sleds.

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Cunningham and his teammates Hakeem Abdul-Saboor, Christopher Kinney, and Sam Michener, told us the secret to their success is how close they are as teammates.

"When you can compete and not have to think, it's our biggest asset. I know exactly what Hakeem's going to do on the left side, exactly what Chris is going to do on the right side, and how Nick looks when he drives," the team’s brakeman Michener told us. "So we can react and not have to think. It makes us faster."

"When you're on the lawn we all know we have each other's back," Abdul-Saboor shared.

Cunningham concluded, "We're pushing as a good cohesive unit and when it clicks and you see the start times, that's when we start getting a little more excited and a little kind of fired up."

Watch the video above for more of Fox News' interview with Team Cunningham.