What does Cameron Diaz see in Benji Madden?

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden were only engaged for 17 days before tying the knot in a surprise ceremony at Cameron’s Beverly Hills home on January 5.

While the ultra short timeline and their age difference -- she’s 42, he’s 35 -- certainly has people buzzing, the most shocking part seems to be the fact that sexy, bubbly, spunky Cameron Diaz is now ... Mrs. Benji Madden.

After all the guys she dated, how did she end up with him?

No one’s saying he’s a jerk and no one’s saying they aren’t perfect for one another, but on the surface, they don’t exactly seem like a match made in heaven.

The tatted up Good Charlotte rocker is a far cry from her most recent ex, the poster child “athlete” type, Alex Rodriguez. New York Yankee third-baseman A-Rod is a lean, mean womanizing machine. At 6-feet 3 inches, the famous athlete towers over Benji’s reported 5’7” frame and could probably out-lift him at the gym, too. Benji prefers flannel shirts and drives a classic 1963 Ford Galaxie while Alex Rodriguez cruises around in a Ferrari wearing khakis.

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    Before Alex, there was Paul Sculfor – the dashingly handsome British model and actor. Since most people can’t name one movie or TV show Paul’s been in, he counts as the stereotypical “model” type.  On the surface, he too shares no common physical aspects with Benji, he’s scrawnier than A-Rod and probably not as athletic.

    Could it be a good thing that Cam’s new husband shares no commonalities with her exes? After all, those guys are exes for a reason.

    Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and author of, 'He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing)' says dating different types of people is important to finding that special someone.

    “My theory is pretty simple: if you keep dating the same type of person and it never seems to work out, your true 'type' may be the kind of person you haven't tried dating before,” she says.

    Syrtash adds that most of Benji’s perceived differences from Cameron’s exes are based only on what’s seen on the surface, which can be misleading.

    "We judge opposites very superficially. Diaz and Madden may not physically match; but if their values are aligned, they aren't that different,” she says.

    Relationship Expert and author of “Ring EXchange: Life Lessons of A Multiple Marrier” Pam Evans likens Cameron and Benji’s unlikely marriage to another famous couple –– Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

    That one didn't end so great.

    “Perhaps both Sandra and Cameron saw past Jesse and Benji’s body art and found other qualities and assets attractive,” she says. “Or perhaps the gals found their guys’ tattoos appealing even though Cameron and Sandra didn’t have that many tattoos themselves.”

    Evans echoes Syrtash’s idea that compatibility can only be determined by what's under the surface.

    “More than looks and physical style, it will be their values and how they treat one another that will determine if Cameron and Benji will be the right fit in the long run,” she says.

    Benji staying away from Michelle "Bombshell" McGee will help, too.

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