Welcome to Dominik Garcia-Lorido's 'Magic City'

Dominik García-Lorido is taking audiences back to the 1950’s in her latest TV series “Magic City.”

The show debuts Friday evening on Starz.  Set in Miami Beach, in an era where Fidel Castro had just taken Cuba and JFK was in power in the United States, the series focuses on mobsters who ran the beach and despite having a glamorous life were involved in quite the drama.

García-Lorido, who is the daughter of accomplished actor Andy García, and for a small period of her life lived in Miami, says she really wanted the role of Mercedes Lozaro.

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“I pursued it and auditioned three times,” García-Lorido told Fox News Latino. “I’m very blessed to be on this show.”

[The role] went with my story line,” she added. “I went to my grandmother because she was in her 20’s and knew that era from experience.”

The actress said speaking to her grandmother about growing up in Miami during that time gave her a better perspective on the fashion and way of life in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

“I didn’t go to for advice on the role but [for insight] on things like what jewelry I  would wear. What was appropriate [for the character.]

The cast, which includes fellow Latino Yul Vasquéz is one of the perks García-Lorido says there is with filming this series.

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“They are amazing,” said García-Lorido. “I get along with them so well. We don’t all live in the same city and we still talk all the time.”

“We are so close,” García-Lorido added. “Everyone is so grounded.”

Unlike her father who grew up in Miami, attended Miami Beach senior high school and didn’t move to Los Angeles until later in his career, García-Lorido says her home has been L.A. although when she was young she visited Miami often.

“I grew up in L.A. surrounded by a more of an American culture and English was my first language,” said García-Lorido. “People think because my dad was born in Cuba and is fluent in Spanish that I have to be the same. But, L.A. is a huge part of my culture.”

“Miami, is a melting plot of all cultures and everybody knows everybody,” García-Lorido added.

“I love living there while working there and I enjoy my weekends. But now I can only spend a week there and it’s enough.”

García-Lorido comments on how she does not feel less Latina because she does not speak the language fluently, although for work purposes she wishes she could dominate it better.

“When I am in a Spanish speaking country it comes back,” García-Lorido said. “It really sucks now when I am doing publicity.”

“[But] it is what it is. I don’t ever call myself a Latina actor. I’m an actor and I will represent the Latin community whole heartily, but I am who I am and I’m not apologizing for it,” García-Lorido added.

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