Victoria's Secret slammed for allegedly retouching lingerie model's curves away

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Victoria’s Secret's “Truly. Madly. Cheeky” lingerie ads have some social media users getting red in the face at the global brand for allegedly airbrushing the already thin model’s curves away.

The comment section below the VS photo in question has dozens of comments like, “Horrible, horrible photoshopping. Completely unnecessary, Victoria's Secret. Wishing you would learn from Aerie. Yes another reason I (along with MANY others) will never shop from you guys...Times are changing; it's time you guys caught up. #NotBuyingIt.”

It’s not just consumers ‘not buying it.’ Model Molly Fletcher told FOX411 she laughed when she saw the image.

“This photo actually made me laugh the first time I saw it. There's light retouching that usually happens on all photos which is understandable, however, this goes way too far.” Fletcher added the image “isn't even about representing an attainable size, it's more like a really poor retouching job.”

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    But Craig Lawrence, President of ONE.1Management, disagrees with the photo’s critics. “The photo does not look retouched as the girl does not look too thin," Lawrence said. "I think the photo is very alluring and sexy, which is what VS is trying to achieve.”

    Lawrence defends the VS’s fantasy image against claims that the brand should use more "real, curvier" models.

    “VS has always been, and will always be about fantasy. As much as lingerie companies are following the trend, and are featuring curvier girls, VS has been one of the brands to use girls that are very relevant in high fashion.”

    Robert Casey, President of Maggie Inc, says the photo indeed has poor photoshopping, but does not agree that VS has to change their marketing strategy.

    “There are plenty of lingerie companies that depict a range of sizes in their advertising; the lingerie market has been one of the first and most successful areas of the industry for curvy models," he said. "Victoria's Secret's entire brand is fantasy, and they've been wildly successful as a result.”

    We reached out to Victoria's Secret about the photo but haven't heard back.

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