'Total Divas' Star Eva Marie Dishes on Season 4, Reveals the Worst Pickup Line She’s Ever Heard

Wrestling fans are all too familiar with one fiery redhead who's been breaking hearts in and out of the ring.

But despite her sizzling looks, Eva Marie is determined to show viewers that it’s seriously hard work being one of the most recognized WWE Divas on the roster.

Since winning the 2013 Diva Search, Eva Marie has climbed WWE's ranks as a superstar athlete, all while proudly flaunting her killer figure in photo spreads for Maxim, among others.

But on the E! reality TV series “Total Divas,” which chronicles the lives of WWE’s top female wrestlers, Eva Marie reveals what it really takes to be, well, a Diva. And let’s just say her no-nonsense workout routine isn’t the faint of heart.

Just in time for the fourth season, we spoke with Eva Marie about “Total Divas,” a simple secret behind her knockout figure, and the worst pickup line she’s ever heard:

FNM: What can viewers expect from Season 4 of "Total Divas"?

EM: This season, things get a little more intense between all of the Divas and there is definitely drama. But for me, you’ll see how hard I’ve been training, day in and day out. Also, this year we're all focusing on building and maintaining our relationships with family and our significant others.

FNM: How has your life changed since becoming a Diva?

EM: It has changed pretty dramatically, but all for the better. "Total Divas" has introduced us to a whole new audience.  Everywhere we go, we are greeted by fans. It's exciting to meet people from all around the world who watch and enjoy the show.

FNM: As a model, what made you want to be a part of the WWE? 

EM: For me, my dream was always to be a professional athlete. I entered the WWE Diva Search because it was the perfect opportunity to combine athleticism and glamour. At WWE, I have been able to do things that I never dreamed of doing: I have been fortunate enough to work with the Special Olympics, visit with troops in Afghanistan and here in the U.S., and I also got the chance to spend time with breast cancer survivors as part of WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen. There is nothing better than being part of a company that is all about giving back.

FNM: What are some misconceptions people have about WWE Divas? What’s the reality?

EM: I think the biggest misconception is that everything is easy. It’s actually extremely difficult to be a WWE Diva. It takes heart, commitment, perseverance, and most importantly, an excellent work ethic. If you don’t have a good work ethic, you won’t last a day on the main roster. But we do it because we have an opportunity to be heroes to girls and women around the world. We want to empower them and show that we are confident, strong, determined, athletic and powerful. Strong is beautiful.

FNM: How is being a Diva empowering to women?

EM: A common theme with all the WWE Divas is that we exhibit confidence and strength. However, all of us are different and representative of various types of women. And that's empowering. In a male-dominated sport, we are more than capable and extremely powerful. We can do an amazing job in the ring just like the men. Additionally, we have one of the strongest role models working with us in Stephanie McMahon. She is someone we all look up to because she’s smart and articulate, she runs a business and she’s a wife and mother. That sends an amazing message not only to little girls, but to boys, women and men.

FNM: How would you describe your wrestling style?

EM: I am still relatively new in the WWE. This season, you’ll see me training harder than ever before and see how many hours I’ve had to put in to get better.

FNM: What’s your fitness routine like?

EM: I try to vary it every single day. The only consistency is that I make sure that I always break a sweat. My husband is into CrossFit, and when I'm home, I join him. I also do Pilates and cardio interval training.

FNM: When you’re not in the ring, what makes you feel sexy and confident?

EM: My husband does. When I’m not in the ring, I’m with him. And he makes me feel extremely confident, even in my standard uniform of jeans and a t-shirt.

FNM: What's it like having your husband as your manager?

EM: The hardest thing is finding a balance between the roles. Sometimes when working together in a professional capacity, those roles get blurred. When we're home, it’s hard not to talk about business. At this point, I think we figured out a happy medium.

FNM: How would you describe your relationship with the other Divas?

EM: There is some drama, but that's normal, I think, in any workplace and relationships in general. My relationship with the Divas is extremely professional. I have no hard feelings towards anyone [over] what happened this season.

FNM: If you could be on a tag team with anyone, who would it be and why?

EM: I would love to tag team with Sasha or Charlotte, our Divas from NXT. If I had to pick someone from the cast, I would choose Naomi. She’s quiet, but one of the most athletic girls I have ever seen and I feel like it would be an awesome dynamic.

FNM: Describe that moment when you first saw yourself in Maxim.

EM: Totally surreal. I felt like I was dreaming. When you're little, you see top models and movie stars in these magazines. While they are representing themselves and their own brand, and I am as well, I’m also representing WWE, a company that I am proud to work for. It doesn’t get much better than that.

FNM: How do you maintain your fiery red hair?

EM: I have to dye my hair every three weeks.

FNM: You once had surgery due to a leaking implant. Why was it important for you to show this on television?

EM: When I agreed to do the show, I told myself that I would be as true as I can. I was afraid of the surgery and scared for my job. The surgery put me out for a while, but I wanted to let the audience walk that journey with me. That’s what makes reality television special; they capture those moments that are real and true and the audience has a glimpse into your life.

FNM: What’s your response to those who feel wrestling isn’t a real competitive sport?

EM: Yes, the outcomes are pre-determined, but you have to know how to execute and be safe. It takes a lot of athleticism, knowledge, training and preparation. You also have to have charisma to entertain the audience and connect with a crowd. It’s important to produce a reaction, good or bad, from the audience and get them involved.

FNM: You’ve said there’s no comparison between wrestling and any other cardiovascular workout. Could you talk more about that?

EM: When you're doing cardio, you have control. You can sprint when you want, stop when you want. In WWE, you are performing for the audience and have to play off your opponent. Timing is different every time you go out in the ring. And as a Superstar or Diva, you're doing it live, and that sets a whole different tone.

FNM: And finally, what’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

EM: Aren’t they all pretty bad? The worst would be the alphabet line: "If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together."