J.P. Rosenbaum, a charming construction manager from New York, quickly become a fan favorite on season 7 of “The Bachelorette” in 2011.  He quickly became Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s favorite too -- Rosenbaum was the last man standing and the two were married on TV in December 2012.

With a big move to Miami underway and a baby boy coming soon, Rosenbaum talked to FOX411 last weekend at his “Dad-chelor” party in New York City about picking a name, avoiding “Bachelor” drama and life after the show.

FOX411: You found out you were pregnant at [“Bachelor” couple] Catherine and Sean’s live TV wedding. It was right before you went to the taping?
J.P. Rosenbaum: It was so typical, I guess. Ashley had a course she was taking for pediatric dentistry down in Texas right before the wedding. She went down on a Thursday and she said, ‘I think I see a line!’ and I said, ‘Send me a picture!’ but I see absolutely nothing. There’s no line, you’re out of your mind. We get to the wedding and the Saturday of the wedding she said, ‘I’m going to take another test.’ Clear line. It was perfect timing. Of course, it was a ‘Bachelor’ event.

FOX411: With regard to the ultrasound, [Ashley had a ultrasound done on a live “Bachelor” special in July to find out the sex of their baby], was that a tough decision for you to do it on TV or was it natural considering you met and got married the same way? 
Rosenbaum: We just thought it would be fun. We don’t do a ton of things with the Bachelor Nation these days because we have careers -- we can’t interfere with those -- and we’re moving.  This was easy, it was over a weekend and we got to see a lot of familiar faces. We just thought it would be fun to do. We’re not very conservative, we’re very liberal people.  It was fun.  

FOX411: How is Ashley doing?
Rosenbaum: She’s great. We’ve been apart now for like three weeks. I’ve seen her four days in the past three weeks because of the transition and moving down [to Miami.]  I’m still working up [in New York City] and going back on weekends. It’s been rough. She’s obviously very pregnant and unpacking. She’s limited. We haven’t had a chance to get 100 percent settled down there. She’s feeling great. There’s been no cravings and her mood hasn’t changed. Everything you read and hear about pregnant women, I’ve been lucky enough to not experience any of that. She’s been really, really great. I’m spoiled.

FOX411: Do you guys have names picked out?
Rosenbaum: Of course.

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    FOX411: Is it a secret?
    Rosenbaum: You mean you don’t want me to tell you first?  (Laughs.) We have names picked out. She has her first choice. I have my first choice. Hers is going to, without question, outweigh mine, so I will get bumped. But I’m waiting for the last three weeks and I’m going to fire a whole bunch of names at her and try to overrule hers. Not that I don’t love hers. I actually really do love it.  We had a girl’s name all picked out. I loved the girl’s name. I like a lot of the guys’ names, but I want to feel the same way about the guy’s name.

    FOX411: How has Miami been? Do you like it there?
    Rosenbaum: I’m flying back and forth. I’m usually up [in New York] all week and then I fly back for the weekends. This has been going for three weeks  I honestly don’t know [if I like it yet]! It hasn’t been enough time. She’s been sending me pictures of the apartment that she’s been decorating and it’s totally different than how I left it on Monday morning. I’m sure we’re going to love it.

    FOX411: You were on a show where there’s often a lot of scandal surrounding contestants, but there’s never any drama with you two and there's never anything bad written about you. Why is that?
    Rosenbaum: Should we write something? I can make some s--t up if you want! (Laughs.) We’re just being ourselves. There’s no motive, we’re not trying to be famous. We’re just being us. We fell in love with each other and we don’t have any drama in our lives. I didn’t have any drama in my life before, she didn’t really have drama in her life before. We don’t want any drama -- it’s our personalities. It’s who we are.

    FOX411: What are your thoughts on Bachelorette Andi Dorfman picking Josh Murray over Nick Viall this season? Your tweets throughout the season are pretty funny.
    Rosenbaum: I don’t judge the choices that she makes. I judge the people because look, if you’re going to be on this show, you have to be willing to accept the fact that there’s a huge hazing period. Being an alumni, I am allowed to haze you. You only see a fraction of what goes on. If she’s happy, that’s really all that matters. I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘Oh, she should have picked Nick!’ because I don’t know either of them. I know what I see. The relationship now really starts. The show is the show. It’s how you meet, it’s how you fall for each other, but the next six months, the next year that’s really when the relationship starts and you learn a lot about each other.

    FOX411: Do you plan on watching “Bachelor in Paradise”?
    Rosenbaum: I feel like I should. Graham [Bunn, a contestant] is a good friend of mine.  I am curious. I’m always up for a good s--t show. A chance to talk a lot of smack. I will probably watch it.

    FOX411: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten on becoming a new dad?
    Rosenbaum: Besides the fact that I should have a "Dad-chelor" party?  Is it weird that no one is giving me advice? I’ve met with a few of my friends and we’ve talked a little bit about baby nurses, but there hasn’t been really any advice. A friend of mine said you have to learn to sleep-train your baby? I’m not really sure what that means, he gave me a book to get. I don’t think guys are that way, though, we’re not wired that way.

    FOX411: How did the “Dad-chelor” party come about?
    Rosenbaum: The baby shower, the wedding shower, it’s all for her it’s not really for me. This is just a chance for me to have my own little party. Before I change booze for diapers, it’s just a chance for me to sit with my friends and not think about anything. One more night to get away before my life is consumed by the baby -- which obviously I don’t mind, but I will not have many nights like these for a while. When Mike’s Hard Lemonade approached me to do this, I thought it was really the perfect idea.