Supermodel Adriana Lima Talks Motherhood, Career And Boxing

Walking into the hotel room where Adriana Lima is conducting interviews is like walking into a busy, bustling movie set. Cameras are rolling, lights are shining, but in the middle of it all sits Adriana, poised and professional.

With more than a decade of modeling under her belt, you might guess why Adriana would be making appearances in New York – after all, it's the start of New York Fashion Week. But to guess that, you'd be wrong. She's here as the new face of Amazon beverages, a set of coconut-water and tea-based drinks infused with Brazilian superfruits.

"Brazilians have always had a natural approach to healing and just to health in general," she says. "Coconut water is just the best for you; it's always something we had in Brazil. Since I was a little girl I've been drinking it. So of course, this was a great fit."

See what else the model had to say about her two baby girls, her favorite ways to workout and her biggest junk food guilty pleasure.

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