Shannon Tweed seeks revenge on groupies, still doesn’t trust hubbie Gene Simmons

After almost 30 years of putting up with cougars, beauty queens, bimbos and barely-legal babes trying to get their hands on her man, Shannon Tweed wants revenge.

In conjunction with Gogii Games, the wife of KISS legend Gene Simmons has released “Attack of the Groupies,” a game which brings Tweed and her famous family to life as virtual characters, and highlights the downside of the rock n’ roll lifestyle.

“These groupies are relentless, they will literally climb right over you to get to Gene or whoever the rock star is, they act like you aren’t even there,” Tweed told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “So this is my chance to have the powers to blow them all away. But we wanted to keep the weapons PG – things like the frizzinator which will mess their hair, or slime so their makeup falls off and keeps them from getting close to the stage.”

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Tweed also said that groupie culture is continuing to gain momentum, and spotlights a sad subculture of insecure and disillusioned young women.

“They seem to be getting younger and younger. I see all the girls not much older than my 19-year-old daughter throwing up their tops and offering to do things to the roadies just to get close to the band,” she continued. “It’s really horrible, just how low the self-esteem of these young girls truly is. I feel sorry for them in a way, they will literally do anything.”

Tweed said that young fans will routinely climb over their gate to get to Simmons, and turn up on their doorstep completely naked. When she was pregnant, Tweed said a groupie knocked on the door of their hotel, sans clothes, but ran away when she answered. However, the persistent young girl later returned.

“This time Gene answered, and she told him that she would happily kick me in the stomach so that I would lose the baby,” she said. “I thought, ‘who raised you? Wolves? Gene is even a bigger target for groupies now that he is married.”

Tweed and Simmons finally tied the knot in October last year, after dating since 1983 and having two kids together. But that doesn’t mean Tweed has faith her husband won’t stray.

“It was important for me to know that in the second half of my life, someone will be there for me. I didn’t doubt Gene’s love but I needed commitment, the nonsense and messing around had to stop,” she explained. “But guys will be guys. Rock stars are used to being told 'yes' all the time. My advice (to the partners) is to always be there, always go on tour with them. I’ll be there this summer with the KISS/Motley Crue tour. I will be backstage playing my game.”