Selena Gómez Takes Canadian Much Music Video Awards By Storm

Selena Gómez took Vancouver by storm at the Much Music Video awards.

The singer/actress showed off her new wavy hairdo and her skimpy outfits at the Much Music Video headquarters in Toronto.

The teen sensation even joked with boyfriend Justin Bieber, announcing teen heartthrob and rapper Drake as the winners of the Best “International Video of the Year by a Canadian.”

Gómez also performed her latest single, “Who Says,” a song that is also in her debut film “Monte Carlo,” which stars Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy.

“It’s a romantic comedy. This summer…is going to be so action packed. I feel 'Monte Carlo' is going to be a nice contrast with all of it,” Gómez told prior to the ceremony.

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Gómez said it is “very nice” that “Who Says” is in the film as well.

“I’m really enjoying growing up with it,” said Gómez, who performed the song to overjoyed tweens at the ceremony. “It’s fun, upbeat and uplifting.”

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