Samantha Hoopes dishes on being a GUESS Girl and awful pickup lines

Blonde bombshell Samantha Hoopes knows how to make things sizzle.

From frolicking on the beach for Sports Illustrated, to stripping down for burgers, there’s nothing this 26-year-old model won’t do for a good photo. But before her worldwide success, Hoopes got her start as an iconic GUESS Girl, which kicked off her career. Fox News spoke to Hoopes about it all:


Fox News: How do you feel about being recognized as a sex symbol?
Hoopes: I think it’s kind of funny actually that people think I’m sexy. I literally look in the mirror every day and see a million things that I would change. So to have that title? I think it’s hilarious. I don’t even know what to say about it.

Fox News: What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?
Hoopes: Oh my God, there have been so many bad pickup lines! I remember driving one day and this guy in a car next to me kept trying to get my attention. I felt so awkward. I finally rolled down my window and he said, ‘Can I have your number?’ I was like, ‘Are you for real?’ I’m driving and this guy is trying to ask for my number. I think that’s so bold, but so creepy. It’s not like we were even talking. Too creepy for me.

Fox News: You’ve mentioned that you love kids. Do you see yourself settling down and having a family of your own?
Hoopes: I definitely hope that happens. I love kids so much. I think it would be so cool to bring in another life to this world and care for it... I definitely want family and kids in the future. Who knows when that’ll happen, but down the line for sure.

Fox News: Many people recognize you for being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit star, but you’re also a GUESS Girl. When did your relationship with the brand begin?
Hoopes: I actually was a GUESS Girl before anything! GUESS pretty much kicked off my career. I moved out to LA when I was 22-23, so a couple years ago. I started off doing a test shoot for GUESS. I was given my first campaign, my first everything. That’s why I’m here.


Fox News: Could you describe that moment when you saw those images for the first time?
Hoopes: Oh my God, when I first saw my campaign images, it was actually in my hometown of Pennsylvania. I remember walking into the mall and just seeing a huge picture of myself. I took a picture in front of it actually. I still have it. I was so excited and I just couldn’t believe that was me. I wanted to become a model because of GUESS. I just remember going into the store growing up and their images have been so iconic, so beautiful. I just remembered seeing these sexy, empowered women, so I always told myself, ‘I’m going to be a GUESS Girl one day.’ And it literally happened, which is amazing… [now] I have been doing a lot of their fashion shows in LA and I went to Dubai, which was amazing. I never thought I would be able to work there.

Fox News: You originally attended Penn State and wanted to become a teacher. What prompted the career change?
Hoopes: You know, I thought this school was for me, but down the line, I was feeling depressed. I don’t know, I just didn’t think the school and I really clicked. I was out of school for like almost a year and my mom told me she was going to find me a job. I was freaking out, I had no idea what to do. I realized I didn’t want to be a gym teacher anymore. I was so confused. So I took Polaroids and sent them. That’s how my whole career [as a model] got started.

Fox News: It’s been said that your dad took those Polaroids?
Hoopes: I know, it sounds so creepy. Super creepy. But I’m one of five girls and I’m like the baby of five women. So my dad, you know, I don’t think anything can be weird with him. Yes, he actually took my first Polaroid’s, which sounds super creepy, but it really wasn’t. He just wanted to help me out and it worked!

Fox News: What are some misconceptions people have about modeling?
Hoopes: People always say, ‘Oh, that’s so easy, you guys always look so good.’ But honestly, it’s a 24/7 job where you’re constantly dieting [to stay in shape], working out, maintaining your skincare… And some poses are easier said than done. You always have to look good, you always have to be on, you always have to be comfortable with what you’re faced with. You never want to be that lame girl in a shoot who’s bringing everyone down.


Fox News: Carl’s Jr. recently announced they weren’t going to feature their famous racy ads. What are your thoughts on this decision?
Hoopes: I think it’s a good marketing plan. I just think Carl’s Jr. is so smart at what they do, from their marketing campaigns to their businesses overall… I support their decision. I think sometimes it gets a little caught up with the sexy babes and burgers, but I think it’s good to switch it up. It’s always good to rebrand yourself and show people you can do more than the same thing.

Fox News: Do you think we’ll see more curvy models in fashion?Hoopes: I definitely do. We’re already seeing curvier women in fashion. I support that. I love the fact that everyone is embracing their different body shapes. We all have different body types that are worth celebrating… Even in my family, there’s a wide variety of body shapes, and I think it’s amazing.

Fox News: What’s next for you?
Hoopes: Of course, my loyalty will always be with GUESS… I hope to work with Sports Illustrated again. I’ve done so for the past four years, so fingers crossed! You just never know. They’re always an exciting phone call away. But I do see myself branching out and doing more TV. Maybe a little acting, depending on the role. But I’m definitely not an actress. I’m barely a model! I literally have no idea what I’m even doing. I’m just excited for the future.