Rose McGowan reacts to Harvey Weinstein's impending arrest

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Hours after it was announced that now-disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein would be turning himself in to police in New York City, one of his most outspoken accusers, Rose McGowan, is sharing her thoughts on behalf of all his alleged victims.

Although Weinstein, through his representatives, has denied any and all accusations of non-consensual sex, he is expected to face charges connected to an investigation opened by the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office into claims of alleged sexual misconduct, The New York Daily News reported.

McGowan was among the first to accuse Weinstein of raping her and has been outspoken on social media and a champion of the “#MeToo” movement since the former head of the Weinstein Co. was outed as an alleged predator in October. Upon hearing the news of his impending arrest, she took to Instagram to express her emotions about the sudden news.

“I, and so many of Harvey Weinstein’s survivors, had given up hope that our rapist would be held accountable by law. Twenty years ago, I swore that I would right this wrong. Today we are one step closer to justice,” The “Citizen Rose’ star wrote in a caption. “We were young women who were assaulted by Weinstein and later terrorized by his vast network of complicity. I stand with my fellow survivors. May his arrest give hope to all victims and survivors everywhere that are telling their truths.”

In addition to McGowan, Weinstein has been accused by close to 80 women of sexual misconduct. He remained untouched by the law, despite police in Los Angeles, New York and London launching investigations into him, until now.