Report: Philip Seymour Hoffman withdrew $1,200 in hours before death

Philip Seymour Hoffman withdrew $1,200 in six separate installments from a local grocery store in the hours before his death, police sources tell the New York Post.

Investigators got the information by examining the ATM's withdrawals. No video or eyewitness evidence was available, The Post reported.

It was the same grocery where police questioned the manager on Monday, asking if the store had any surveillance video of the actor in the hours leading up to his sudden death this weekend.

FOX411 first reported that Hoffman had been spotted at the grocery around 10:30 Saturday morning looking "gray" and purchasing tissues and soda.

The manager told detectives that the store doesn't have surveillance cameras, and that the ATM located inside the store was operated by an outside company.

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Investigators were also trying to track down surveillance video at a nearby bank where a man told cops he witnessed what he believed to be Hoffman, 46, buying drugs from two men several hours later on Saturday night.

The man told cops Hoffman looked "very sweaty" and "like s**t."

The actor was found dead from an apparent drug overdose by his screenwriter friend around 11am Sunday morning, police said. He was found with a needle stuck in his arm, sources told FOX411.

Police are looking into whether Hoffman had injected a lethal batch of heroin behind scores of recent deaths across the East Coast.

Meanwhile, a private wake for the actor is being planned for Thursday, while a public funeral will take place Friday in the same Manhattan church where Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had hers.

Celebrity friends including Annie Leibovitz, Bobby Carnavale and Cate Blanchette were seen coming and going from his partner Mimi O'Donnell's house on Monday and Tuesday. She and Hoffman had separated, and she lived with their three children a few blocks from the rental apartment where he was found.

--'s Jana Winter contributed to this report.