'Rehab Addict's' Nicole Curtis: 'I've stuck to my guns'

Nicole Curtis is one to always speak her mind.

The star of HGTV's "Rehab Addict" is known for her personal posts on social media and she did not hold back in her most recent post.

"Life is short -take this 'been to hell and back' chick's advice," she wrote Tuesday. "Be kind, but don't put your energy into bad people -just move forward and past."

Curtis admitted she's one to have "skipped that advice quite a few times" but said "I'm still standing."

"I've stuck to my guns since I was old enough to know in my heart what I truly believed in and stood for -and I've been literally kicked to the curb by so many who just didn't like that and yeah, it hurts."

The home renovator has been going through a rough time between a bitter custody battle with her ex and dealing with a lawsuit brought against her by the city of Minneapolis.

Curtis' personal posts often get her into trouble -- her ex asked a judge in April to prohibit the star from "posting disparaging comments" about him on social media.