Radio host in trouble for killing rabbit on air

A Danish radio host Asger Juhl is in serious trouble after allegedly killing a 9-week-old bunny named Allen during a live broadcast on Radio24syv.

Juhl said he killed the rabbit, which was considered a pet, with three strikes to its head with a bike pump, claiming the death was a statement to those that consume meat from grocery stores. The father of two said he returned home where he skinned the rabbit and ate it for dinner with his family.

PETA's Associate Director of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt told FOX411: “PETA was inundated from complaints from people when they found out a Danish DJ beat an animal on air.”

Rajt said the animal rights organization "wrote to the Danish National Police Commissioner because we believe this DJ’s actions breach Denmark’s Animal Protection Act which states that animals should be protected as much as possible. If this DJ is in breach of the act he faces fines, imprisonment and a ban on keeping animals.”

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His actions also have listeners calling for him to be fired on the station’s Facebook page.

“The radio station should have its license revoked and you should be prosecuted for what you did, there are more humane ways of getting your point across.........maybe you deserve the same treatment,” said listener Pauline Brown.

Another wrote: “Scum. Disgusting I hope that DJ gets what he deserves. Absolutely no reason to bash it to death. Let's see how long your station lasts after this.”

Neither Juhl nor his radio station have apologized. A lengthy post from an unknown source at the station wrote on their official social media site explaining the murderous act:

“We knew that we would be accused of provocation. And yes, we indeed wanted to provoke the public and to stir a debate about the hypocrisy when it comes to perceptions of cruelty towards animals. But it is not an empty provocation; the presenters of the program ate the animal after killing it.”

Rajt dismisses Juhl’s claims that he was shedding light on Denmark’s animal consumption policies.

“Juhl’s claim is disingenuous at best. He is a callous person.  He teaches nothing,” said Rajt.

FOX411 reached out to Radio24syv and Asger Juhl but did not receive comment.

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