Queen Elizabeth likes to ‘speak in riddles,’ has ‘nicknames for everyone,’ claims royal expert

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II may have some tricks up her royal sleeve.

Ingrid Seward, the editor in chief of Majesty magazine, has been covering the royal family since the ‘80s and has written over 20 books on the subject. She told Yahoo’s Royal Box on Friday that the 92-year-old likes to “speak in riddles” at private events and has “nicknames for everyone.”


“I have met the queen on many occasions and she is, again, she is different depending on the circumstances,” explained the 71-year-old. “If you meet her officially she’s formal and tiny and beautiful. And you talk about horses. That’s what I can always talk about with her.”

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II reacts during a visit to the Science Museum in London, Thursday March 7, 2019. 

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II reacts during a visit to the Science Museum in London, Thursday March 7, 2019.  (AP)

“When I met her at a semi-private party, everyone had a nickname and she spoke in riddles — [I thought] this is what it feels like to be one of her friends.”

Still, Seward said the one royal who spoke candidly and casually was the late Princess Diana of Wales.

“I had a really personal time with her when I wrote something she didn’t like in the Daily Mail,” explained Seward. “Her secretary rang me up and said, ‘Her royal highness thinks it’s time you had a girly chat, Ingrid, so come to Kensington Palace next week.’ Well, you’re not going to say no to that, are you? We did have a girly chat and what happened was she thought I knew about her lover Hasnat Khan… because I wrote that men were being driven into Kensington Palace under a blanket at the back of the car which was true but I didn’t know it was Hasnat.”


Princess Diana with her son Prince Harry.

Princess Diana with her son Prince Harry. (Reuters)

According to Seward, the two women talked about “everything, absolutely everything.” And the one thing Diana openly discussed was her children.

“We talked about William and Harry, we talked about my daughter,” said Seward. “She told me, ‘Harry… he’s fine — it’s William I’m worried about.”

Seward previously spoke to Fox News in February of this year following Meghan Markle’s high-profile baby shower in New York City. The 37-year-old actress-turned-duchess is expecting her first child with Prince Harry, 34, this spring.

At the time, Seward said the former “Suits” star could have benefitted from a more top-secret affair to avoid ruthless paparazzi and backlash from the press over the star-studded, extravagant celebration.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Getty)

“Baby showers are now regular events here in the UK as they are in the US,” explained Seward. “Not everyone has them but almost. Certainly, the Duchess of Cambridge had one, but it was very private, and we had no idea who attended.

“It is a little unfortunate it was so high profile and she was seen flying in and out on a private jet. But it would have been privately funded and nothing to do with the British taxpayer, so I see no reason for her not to have fun and enjoy it all, which she obviously did,” she added.