Private Practice Cast Dishes on Tragic Season Finale

Grab a few boxes of tissues, a pint of ice cream or a bottle of wine, because — according to KaDee Strickland — these are things you'll need while watching the season finale of Private Practice.

"It's very Godfather-y," adds Paul Adelstein. "Everything gets wrapped up. Today we settle all family business." So what business needs to be settled? Get the scoop on the devastating season finale — which includes at least one death — straight from the cast below:

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Game on: "There's a battle between Sheldon [Brian Benben] and Cooper for Charlotte's affections," says Adelstein who plays Cooper. "Amidst all of this craziness, Cooper sees Sheldon closing in and also feels scared in the face of what's happening to Maya [Geffri Maya Hightower], so he goes for it."

Who wins? "There's every reason to believe these two can make it," says Strickland on Charlotte and Cooper. "In real life, it's the strangest pairings that work out best."

Home wrecker much? "I don't want to break up Pete [Tim Daly] and Addison [Kate Walsh]," says Amy Brenneman. "If there is breaking up, that's not my thing. I think she's extremely respectful and grateful."

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Reunited and it feels so good: "There is always a possibility to reconcile friendships," says Walsh of Addison's estrangement from Naomi (Audra McDonald) this season. Adds McDonald: "In the stress of the moment, Naomi tries to make peace with Addison."

Less baby drama than we thought? "Dell [Chris Lowell] helps deliver Maya's baby," teases Lowell.

Tragedy unites: "There's nothing like a great tragedy to bring people together," says Walsh of the divided practice after Violet and Pete's custody battle. "In the end, even if they have these rivalries, they all kind of grow up in the face of tragedy."

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Grab some Kleenex: "You better get your hankies out and you might want to get a pint of ice cream because this [finale] is going to knock you on your tail; either that or a bottle of wine. That's Dr. Charlotte King's prescription," Strickland jokes about her character. Adds Brenneman: "It'll be devastating for the audience, so if you want a bang for your buck, you're going to get it."

Um, ABC is renewing the show, right? "We don't have an official pickup, but we do know when we're starting [production] again, so figure that one out," jokes Adelstein.

Who do you think is dying in the season finale? Check on Friday morning for our exclusive interview with the departing star.

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