'Preachers' Daughters' starlets talks project with 'Duck Dynasty' star

Two reality show teens, Kolby Koloff and Sadie Robertson, have teamed up to form a viral web series about their religious beliefs.

The success of the YouTube series, featuring the "Preachers' Daughters" and "Duck Dynasty" starlets, came as a bit of a surprise, Koloff told Fox News.

“We’re very surprised, but gratefully surprised that it’s been going so well,” she said ahead of the season 2 premiere of her series “Preachers' Daughters.”

As the daughter of two pastors, Koloff is seen on the series struggling with being the baby in her family. In the upcoming season, her ambitions for after high school take center stage.

“For my family, you can expect [to see] just me kind of battling what I want to do as far as after high school goes because I graduate this year,” she said. “That’s a big battle and some other little things in the family.”

Her parents also opened up to Fox News about their divorce, which happened about eight years ago. Her father, wrestler Nikita Koloff, said their story is one of “restoration.”

“Really it’s a story of restoration, in the sense of coming through that. In this life everyone is going to have trials and struggles…and because of our faith in the Lord, that’s what really brought us through that whole divorce process.”

Watch the video above to see more from the Koloff family.